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Race for the Cure

Join the biggest run & walk in Europe

Support breast cancer patients in Europe

Race for the Cure® is the world’s biggest sporting event for women’s health. In Europe, it helps breast cancer organisations and hospitals to collect funds and raise awareness. With 500.000 new diagnoses and 125.000 people who die of breast cancer every year in Europe, these funds are of vital importance.

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About The Race

This year we planned to organise 30 Races for the Cure with 300,000 participants in 22 countries in Europe. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, major sporting events are being postponed or cancelled. Just at a time when breast cancer patients and survivors are vulnerable and need our support the most.

The corona crisis has inspired us to join forces and take Race for the Cure® to the next level. We invite everyone in Europe to participate in the digital Race for the Cure® and throw a lifeline to help breast cancer patients, healthcare workers and hospitals by collecting funds and raising awareness.

Be part of the biggest sporting event for women’s health in Europe: Team up with friends, family and colleagues and register to run or walk in your neighbourhood, village or city. Keep moving, share the fun and support women’s health care!

Want to join in? Connect, Care, Share and Race for the Cure!

How To Participate



  • Register: team up with friends, colleagues, sporting buddies (you can already form a team starting with 2 people or more)
  • Personalise your team page with a team name, pictures, messages, social media links, activities, make it fun, celebrate life!


  • Choose to walk 3K or run 5k
  • You can walk/run indoors on a treadmill, in the gym, around your neighbourhood, in your city… you are free to go wherever your feet take you, as long as you respect the corona guidelines that apply in your country or region


  • Choose the organisation you wish to support
  • Leave a personalised message, picture, movie for that special person you choose to thank (healthcare worker, patient, survivor, loved one who passed away…)


  • Share your team page on Facebook or Instagram
  • Tell your friends on TikTok
  • Invite your contacts to join in

About Think Pink Europe

Think Pink Europe is a non-profit organisation created in March 2018 by European organisations fighting against breast cancer. All across Europe, local breast cancer organisations, hospitals, support groups and governmental organisations are aiming for the same objective: raising funds and awareness to tackle breast cancer. We are an increasing community that is operational in more than 22 countries already.

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